Sachigo Lake First Nation

Sachigo Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree First Nation community located approximately 425 km north of Sioux Lookout, region of northwestern Ontario. The community lies within the Sachigo Lake 1 Indian Reserve, its primary reserve. In addition, the First Nation proudly oversees Sachigo Lake 2 and Sachigo Lake 3 Indian reserves as integral part of their reserve lands. Accessible through the Sachigo Lake Airport, the community has winter road access to the south, connecting to the all-weather Northern Ontario Resource Trail via Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation.





Title Name
Chief Simon Tait
Councillor Wes Barkman
Councillor Steven Tait
Councillor Michael Tait
Councillor Eugune Tait
Councillor Claude McKay



Band Office: 807-595-2527

Fax: 807-595-1119