North Caribou Lake First Nation

North Caribou Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree First Nation community situated approximately 320 km north of Sioux Lookout. Though the First Nation's official name registered with the Indigenous Services Canada is North Caribou Lake First Nation, the community is located on shores of Weagamow Lake, thus also known as "Weagamow First Nation" or by the literal translation of the Oji-Cree word Wiyaagamaa—"Round Lake”. The community is accessible by air year-round. 





Title Name
Chief Leo Sakchekapo
Head Councillor Carlena Petawanick
Elder Councillor Grace Matawapit
Councillor Tyson Matawapit
Councillor Naomi Chikane
Councillor Paul Johnup
Councillor Joanna Quequish
Councillor Wayne Kakekayash



Band Office: 807-469-5191

Fax: 807-469-1315